Live Investor Q&A

At Sativa Building Systems, our mission is to provide patented non-toxic Z-panels that ensure a safe environment for everyone!  Our Z-Panels consist of hempcrete, which is a combination of hemp shiv, hydrated lime, and water! By creating products that differentiate from traditional wall construction, we are creating an entirely new kind of building process with materials that make safe homes for everyone. Because homes shouldn’t hurt people! We recently held… Read More »Live Investor Q&A

Beauty in the Basics

Today I helped the kids finish building a snow igloo.  It was a lot of fun, and I have to admit that once we got close to having the dome enclosed I couldn’t help myself and I had to keep working on it even after all the kids went inside.  It made me think about when I was young and how much I loved building snow forts and tree houses… Read More »Beauty in the Basics

Failed Prototypes and Pressing On

The process of developing the Z Panel was one of many unexpected twists and turns.  Initially I was going to call the company “Sativa Panel” because my first intention was build full 8 or 10 feet tall wall panels.  That didn’t work, and I will explain why, but first I will back up a little. In creating a new hemprete product I set forth multiple criteria.  It had to be… Read More »Failed Prototypes and Pressing On

A Somewhat Radical Idea

Sativa Building Systems started as an idea more than 5 years ago. Growing up the son of a builder and working in home construction myself for more than 7 summers gave me somewhat thorough knowledge of the building materials available. My father was a master of efficiency. He tweaked the building process to ensure homes could be constructed in the fastest way possible. He specifically focused his efforts on carpentry,… Read More »A Somewhat Radical Idea