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Superior and Sustainable Green Building Products

Build Affordably

Z panels cost similar to many traditional construction materials and less than other hempcrete products because of a proprietary binder of US sourced products. Additionally, with a high effective insulation R-value, hempcrete panels help save money long term.


Build Stronger

Hempcrete is a extremely resistant to cracking and movement. It is a low density material that when paired with wood or steel framing provides exceptional strength.

Build Faster

Simply build faster. Z Panels arrive on the job site ready to use. The patented design with interlocking recesses on the top and sides allow for quick construction. Being 1/6 the weight of concrete means each panel is easy to lift and use. Z panels will take the place of insulation, exterior sheating, vapor barrier, and sheetrock, eliminating additional construction processes.


Build Safer

Z Panels are fire resistant, mold resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant and contains no VOC's. This material is ideal to ensure the health and safety of families for generations.

Build Cleaner

Hempcrete is completely non-toxic and breathable material that constantly filters air, improving indoor air quality. Additionally, it is carbon negative, which means that through its life cycle it will sequester more carbon than it emits.


Build for the future

Truly ideal for any climate, it transmits humidity and regulates indoor air moisture. Hempcrete is meant to last exceptionally long as it at has a symbiotic relationship with the environment around it. As hemp production takes off in the US, we will truly be building the future.

Our original Z Panel build! A greenhouse built in January in Wisconsin

Z Panel Specs

-60 lbs
-24 inches tall
-16 inches wide on exterior face
-14.5 inches wide on interior face
-Lab tested Nominal R-value of 16
-Comprised of hemp shiv, lime, and water
$60/panel target price

Future Products

Z Panel 2.0: The next version of the Z panel in will compliment the current high density and high strength version by being lighter and with higher insulation value. We believe we can obtain a nominal R-value of 22-24 without greatly compromising strength.

About Us

Sativa Building Systems was founded by Zach Popp. Zach grew up the son of a home builder who was a master at making processes efficient. Through the years of learning from his father, Zach began to wonder how not just building processes could be better, but also the building products. He refused to make something new just for the sake of being new, it had to be better in nearly every measurable way along with being affordable so every homeowner could afford it.

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Build a Home and Develop Z Panel 2.0

The next phase of our business development will include building a home to showcase  Z Panel product functionality and benefits.  This will be the final proof of concept before entering full scale production.  We will also develop Z Panel 2.0 with a targeted R-value of 24.


Pursue necessary Testing to Meet Residential Code Standards

Because our product is non-load bearing, the Z Panel needs to meet code standards that pertain to insulation and water penetration requirements. Demonstrating code adherence will be important for widespread market acceptance. 


Market and Sell Z Panel to Residential Consumers

We will work with building inspectors within the jurisdiction of our customer to show Z Panels comply with residential codes as an alternate material to sell products and build homes.  We will scale production runs of Z panels to meet initial market demand. 


Enter Commercial Market, Develop New Products and Scale

We will continue testing to show building code compliance within the commercial market along with developing additional sustainable products such as a hemp based sheathing material.